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2014 China LED lighting good product supply chain circuit
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To better meet the LED lighting enterprise supply chain optimization, for cost-effective, high quality LED aggregate and form a complete set of product requirements. By authoritative media LED lighting industry and supply chain integration experts - high LED the organization's "2014 China LED lighting supply chain product workshop tour" in 2014 in xiamen, respectively, on March 18, (March 21), hangzhou, foshan (May 16), shenzhen (8 July), zhongshan (October 18), and other five China LED lighting industry gathering area.
High LED will integrate highly cost-effective lighting light source in mainland China and overseas resources and key components, accessories manufacturers, through quality upgrade strategy, further optimize lighting enterprise of raw materials procurement channels, intensify efforts to help LED lighting enterprise upstream of screening, introduction of high quality, high ratio of components and parts of lamps and lanterns resources, so as to improve the LED lighting product added value of the enterprise.
The meeting will be invited to the LED lighting light meeting will be invited to the LED lighting light source and lamps and lanterns, head of the representative of the supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises, everyone speak freely, to explore the era of LED lighting market exploded, reform and development of supply chain. At the same time, the conference will also bring LED lighting enterprise quality, cost-effective LED lamps and lanterns of components and accessories products.
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