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Yunda equity subsidiary signed 150 million contract with the hainan Middle East
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Late March 10, yunda shares (600894) reported, a wholly owned subsidiary company of guangzhou yunda electric equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "yunda electric") and hainan Middle East group co., LTD. Signed the leizhou peninsula around the island the downtown that jian to DaTang section of primary engineering infrastructure project engineering contract ". The contract amount is RMB 150 million.
Yunda shares, said the signing of the contract in promoting yunda electric LED lamps and lanterns and wire and cable, the city of intelligent monitoring system and other product sales at the same time, can obtain return on investment. But yunda electric duty in the project financing and the large amount of project investment, project construction has certain risk.
But given the project payment agreed upon in the contract payment commitments and guarantee terms, and yunda electric has the rich experience in the related project, the risk is still manageable.
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