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Li ka-shing also play LED lights spur lighting stocks rose
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March 6, according to Hong Kong's Ming pao reported, always love investment branch network of li ka-shing, chairman of cheung kong (0001), the investment after the "artificial eggs" have made new. An interview with state media on the mainland, he show of recent investment investment Nanoleaf nano LED bulbs, superman "confidante" Zhou Kaixuan more description is "he (li) this week's favorite, then cause the Midas touch effect in stock market, stocks share price smoke rose more than LED lighting, even TOM group (2383) share price also is driven up more than ten percent.

"Caixin" published yesterday in the li ka shing access mentioned, every week there is a group of "gadgets" may bring great change to 70 floor headquarters in central Yangtze river center, surrounded by li ka-shing, a big part of life. The superman is fold out colourful circuit board left or right after folding into a light bulb, reporter touch the light bulb, just find the light bulb fever, is not hot.
Circuit board can be folded sells for $35
Report mentioned in the bulb is produced by Nanoleaf LED bulbs, according to Nanoleaf staff in blogs, described the bulb is brightness of 1200 to 1800 lumens 120 v products, online ordering price from $35 to $100, part of the leaf pattern of 240 v products have been sold out. Its product features a full bright lights when real-time 360 degrees, only 12 watts of 1600 lumens, relatively equal 100 - watt incandescent bulbs need for less. Alleged product orders and ideal, did not catch and all shipment before the lunar New Year, 700 supporters failed to enjoy the product.
Leishi smoke rose nearly ten percent Shih-chan (weibo) : hype is lasting
Li ka-shing himself playing "light", investors stocks regard sb with special respect or new views on the LED lamp. Leishi lighting was rush (02222) shares under the smoke Gao Yu 9.6%, less sought-after porsche group (1184) and reach into the east lighting (0515) share price also rose 9.12% and 9.12% respectively. By Zhou Kaixuan as a major shareholder of TOM group shares also rose more than 10%. Great financial asset management director shih-chan believed that li ka-shing bullish on the LED industry, therefore, did not dare to estimate related shares rose yesterday, whether already reflect the concept of "lee's superman", "however, LED the suffers from overcapacity, the market worried, believe that the plate will not Fried too long".
Scholars: the price than the current LED bulbs inexpensive
The Hong Kong university of science and technology department of electronic and computer engineering professor Chen Jing pointed out that the design of the nano LED bulbs, mainly to improve the performance and efficiency of luminescence, no need to light bulb design changes significantly, the industry is not particularly fresh, price as well as the current LED bulbs products cheaper, but the product available to society is not a negative thing. Leishi lighting, vice President and chief financial officer about the eagle said, don't know li investment characteristics of nanometer LED bulbs. However, he described, LED bulbs on the mainland market growth. With lower cost, LED bulb, household market popularized in 2013, the cost of the product and to fall in the future. This means civil LED lighting products more popular.
Compared with traditional light bulbs save electricity 88%
Li ka-shing through equity participation in Victoria harbour Nanoleaf, developed nano LED bulbs products, according to the company's web page, the lamp can real-time 360 degrees when lights all light, only 12 watts of 1600 lumens, relatively equal 100 - watt incandescent bulbs need for less, is described as a global minimum, power consumption can be more like incandescent lamp 88% reduction in power consumption. Its products can use a minimum of 30000 hours continuously, than ordinary incandescent lamp life 1500 hours, only extended greatly; And after a period of time, touch the light bulb, also don't feel very hot hot.
Above information reproduced from China LED net, for reference only!